Bathroom Upgrades


Emily Peters and Brayleigh Walton


For more than two decades, the LCHS restrooms have been in daily use, and like most over-used items, most believe the restrooms are in need of an upgrade.


LCHS Principal Mr. John Whiston agrees with the need and said there is a plan.  However, he said the biggest obstacle to remodeling the bathroom is funding and money allocation.


“There’s a plan where tiles will be pulled up,” Whiston said.


Most students agreed that the bathrooms need to be remodeled. Most students said they think the restrooms are clean and well-kept, but they would like to see some upgrades.


“We need a working soap dispenser, the stalls need replaced, the floors are just gross,” Caleb Knight, freshman, said.


“Yes we do (need some upgrades. There are) small holes in some stalls,” Dalton Forrider, freshman, said.


Faculty members also agree.


“I think it would be nice to add small updates to the restrooms I think the students would enjoy a fresh new look with new paint and décor, with updated locks,” Mrs. Deanna Chenoweth, special education teacher, said.


“We need upgrades; the bathrooms are 25 years old. We should put down concrete instead of tile,” Scott Butcher, custodian, said.


Though many would like to see remodeled restrooms, students said what LCHS has is clean and usable.

Ian McCourt, freshman said, “They are fine.”


The restrooms are basically the same since the school was built in 1994, with only minor renovations to sinks, mirrors, and toilets.