Minuteman Market Abolished


Nathan Holmes

The 2019-2020 school year kicked off with many changes for LCHS.  One of those changes is the school store or the Minuteman Market is closed for the duration of the school year.  

Most students said this was a negative change, and that they miss the school store. 

“It’s stupid,” Tyler Moore, senior, said. 

A few students were indifferent about the closing. 

“I really don’t care,” Devin Everitts, junior, said. 

Some students wondered why the Minuteman Market closed this year despite its success the past few years. 

“We’re trying to keep kids in class,” Mr. John Whiston, said, about the Market’s closure. Last year, students took advantage, and some abused this privilege. Some loitered in the hallway near the market. 

Teachers said a few students used the store as an excuse for being tardy.  

Mrs. Priscilla Suan, Minuteman Market instructor, said “restructuring of classrooms.  She added “It’s a terrible loss.   

What are her students doing now for their CTE business? They’re planning on making plaques for business and Teachers of Tomorrow completers.  

The market started two years ago.  It started with selling water and vending machine-style snacks. However, the demand for more items quickly grew, and the Market started offering a wide array of healthy foods and school supplies. 

Last year, the Market underwent an overhaul to allow closer teacher supervision while students were purchasing goods from the ever-popular store. 

The Market turned into an express service store selling water and grab and go items.  This eliminated the wait time on prepared food items.