50 Clubs Offered 2019-2020

Dozens of Clubs Added to Accommodate CAKE Advisory Period


Cassie Cook, Brooke Williams , Staff Reporters

For the first time in LCHS history, there are 50 clubs offered for students to join.   

Clubs like YLA and Student Council to Robotics and Starbucks Club have been added as part of the club period offered twice a month on Thursdays. 

 “I was interested in the organizations and I want to support all of them,” Abi Spray, junior, said. Spray said she joined three different clubs. 

Mrs. Rachael Boone, Spanish teacher, said that having so many clubs is good so everyone can find a place where they fit in, but having too many could lead to confusion and have too many kids crammed into one club.   

“Yes and no,Boone said about whether it was good to have a wide selection of clubs. 

Students said they liked the number and diversity of the clubs. 

“I think it’s just right, Ryan Dean, sophomore, said. 

The Pep Club/War Zone is one of the most popular clubs with more than 100 members. However, many students belong to another club, plus their membership in the War Zone. 

Another popular club is FFA, with membership stemming from participation within some of the agriculture classes offered at the high school.  

This year, many more clubs were offered during the advisory period, and most students did not realize how many more clubs were being offered until they met in the gym. 

“I thought there were only like ten, Adisson Heath, freshman, said. 

When asked if there were more clubs than there was her freshman year, Tiara Goodwin, senior, said, “Definitely.” She concluded this by saying that was all she had to say. 

There are a lot more clubs at LCHS than there ever has been before. This means students have more options than they ever have before. 

With so many clubs being offered at LCHS, students are eager to support them and join new things. 

Having clubs offered to students is a simple way to get them involved and help them make friends and have fun.