Minuteman Farms: CTE Class Gets Real


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Ivy and Karma are the newest members of the LCHS Family.

Elisabeth Wilfong, Minutemen farms

Goats! Pigs! Steers! Oh my!

It’s not a scene from The Wizard of Oz, but a scene from Mrs. Diana Garrett’s 8th Period Minuteman Farms class; it is part of the Agriculture CTE curriculum for LCHS.

Students in Garrett’s 9-12 class operate their own farm; this is a 365-day-a-year job with students manning the farm during weekends, holidays and summer months.

Minuteman Farms is a wonderful place,” Kobe Duncan, a four-year member of the Minuteman Farm class, said.

The farm has been home to horses, goats, and this year, a hog and steer.

Students are responsible for all the work on an income-producing farm including mucking out the barn, feeding the animals (hay and grain minerals) and running water when needed. Members also need to produce an income from their work with the animals–either by selling the animals or making a by-product.

Bryson Greenlief also a former and continuing member says his favorite part about the farm is working with the animals.

Duncan said the class has been very informative, and he has learned a lot, and that the birth of two baby goats was a “big surprise.”

Classmates raised Ivy and Karma, the aforementioned kids, and last spring two goats gave birth to four in total; two males and two female.

Duncan said the class sold the goats at end of last school year, and they voted to purchase a hog first semester and a steer the second semester.

Garrett has up to 13 students in her 8th period Minuteman Farms class.  Students said some of the farming jobs are easier than others.

Class members found a way to turn a profit without selling the goats; They used the goats’ milk to make lotion and soap.

The animals must be in good shape from all the hay, grain, and minerals they eat.  Garrett said the students must care for the animals even when school is not in session to make sure they get balanced diet.

Garrett said some of the quotes her students’ learn by are:

“You can’t have a goal without determination, because without the determination the goal will die.”  -Patrick L. Turner.

No one can do the learning for you.”  – Lailah G. Akita