Horoscopes: May 2019


Aries-In May 2019, Aries will finally have to resolve all the issues that have caused strife in the past few months. These things will either lose their significance and disappear by themselves, or they will be resolved simply and with little effort. Now is the time to take on every possible confrontation and win them. Aries who do not have their own business will start to think about starting one. Important changes are likely to take shape with regard to personal relationships during this time-hold your head high and your determination will remain strong.

Taurus-May 2019 will be a relatively calm time for Taurus. This period is good for building up a good offense in the field of professional activity. If you want to start your own business, go all in and act confidently, but slowly. Competitors will not be able to oppose anything substantial from you, but your allies will be ready to serve-take advantage of this. Do not dwell on prospects, make a choice in favor of bonuses, and act promptly. If you work in an organization, be adaptive and do not rush things; when the right moment comes, use it. In terms of personal relationships, the first half of the final month of Spring will be stable, but the second half will be accompanied by unforgettable and spontaneous occurrences.

Gemini-In May 2019, peacefulness and interpersonal skills come to the forefront for Gemini. Strive to mercilessly resolve any conflicts that arrive during this period. Do not aggravate the situation, call on your allies, and act as forcefully as possible. Important acquaintances are likely to be met on the working front, but much more important is how you can react to changes in the world around you-mainly you. Regarding love, things will be dim and multifaceted, but you’ll definitely have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

Cancer-In May 2019, Cancer will be provided with practically inexhaustible reserves of vital energy. Almost all of your strength will manifest itself through empathy and charisma, which can bring some difficulties to the family. These traits are beneficial to your career if your immediate supervisor is of the opposite sex. New acquaintances will benefit you if you realize their true potential. Do not allow yourself too much, but do not limit yourself beyond measure, especially if you are not currently in a relationship. It’s better to direct your passion toward your soulmate, focusing only on your partner. Do not think about the past-live in the here and now.

Leo-In May 2019, Leo will be able to realize tasks quickly and in high quantities. It’s recommended to observe a middle ground this month, to act confidently and without haste; don’t stagnate or engage in risk without good reason. The month will be particularly beneficial in terms of financial bonuses. For those who work at a lower level, there is a possibility of a premium or other material bonuses. To achieve this, you have to work hard. Those who have their own businesses will be no less successful, and familial Leos generally should not spend a lot of time at work. It is ideal to plan a vacation or at least go on a short trip. The final month of Spring will be a bright, romantic period.

Virgo-May 2019 will be great for expanding Virgos’ horizons. Active Virgos will be able to achieve their goals. This month, Mercury, the activator and ruler of your sign, will be on your side. The successful location of this planet will be complemented by the favorable position of Venus, which will enter into coherence with Mercury and strengthen the solar energy. Because of this, you will have enough strength to solve all urgent tasks; moreover, you will see new opportunities and be able to get close to them without drawing attention to yourself-you will have to act carefully. Every option will be more or less productive, with no wrong choices. Work will require concentration, but it is better not to strain in personal relationships during this time.

Libra-In May 2019, Libra will feel the support of their main patron, Eris, who will take a favorable position and enter into coherence with the sun. As a result, the potential negativity of Mars will be compensated and Libra will be able to deal with problems as soon as they arise. Libra will need concrete, confident, and aggressive steps to succeed during this period. Changes for which you cannot prepare are possible in your career, but they will be for your benefit; you will need flexibility and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner to succeed. In terms of personal relationships, single Libras will experience a calm month, while familial Libras will have the opportunity to make amends with or give gifts to their partners.

Scorpio-May 2019, under the influence of the astrological situation, will bring a lot of new opportunities and almost inexhaustible reserves of energy and enthusiasm for Scorpios. As a result of the position of Mars and Uranus, new acquaintances will be really important contacts. Be attentive and do not stop at a place where things are unclear. Working to understand things in every situation will give you experience, open up new opportunities, and tell a lot about those who are next to you. At work, large-scale financial transformations are likely, so be careful and take advantage opportunities. Regarding personal relationships, Scorpios should not be in a hurry to make things happen; on the contrary, they’ll have to push romantic partners to make a decision.

Sagittarius-In May 2019, Sagittarius will receive strong material support. Your activator, Eris, will occupy a successful position and will cooperate with Ceres, who is usually responsible for your decline. As a result, you will get the opportunity to achieve success literally in any direction; they will help you from the outside through all the people you know and the patrons you don’t know. But you should not pay too much attention to all these undercover nuances. If you have your own business, just do your job; the month is good for investments and financial transactions. If you work at a lower level, improve your qualifications and count on a new place-the effort invested will definitely pay off. On the love front, constant incidents, changes, and the emergence of controversial situations and other unpredicted moments are likely. Stay yourself and do not back down-this is your time.

Capricorn-In May 2019, Capricorns will receive support from the moon, which usually limits your possibilities but will take a favorable position at the end of the month. Capricorns themselves, under the influence of planetary aspects, will not in all cases focus on activity and progress; at such moments circumstances will literally push you in the right direction. Do not sit back; instead, motivate yourself, set goals and move towards them. This is a good time for major financial acquisitions. Lonely Capricorns have every chance of a fateful meeting, and those already in a relationship will figure things out once and for all. This is a great month to start new projects and focus on self-improvement. Be active despite your own laziness.

Aquarius-In May 2019, Aquarius will be able to cope with pressing problems on all fronts at once. In general, this trend is fair for the whole year, but in May it will reach its apotheosis, and this should be fully exploited. Venus, the activator of Aquarius, and Neptune, your ruler, will take favorable positions, which will be strengthened by the moon. This will lead to you causing significant changes on the career front. For those who have their own business, the period will allow new and old contacts to help us build or implement some large-scale project. In terms of personal relationships, try to please your loved ones as often as possible. Non-members of your zodiac sign will be free to choose their own path, and familial Aquarius will have the opportunity to realize long-cherished plans.

Pisces-In May 2019, Pisces will have many opportunities to change their current situation for the better. Venus, an activator of Pisces, will take a favorable position, which will be strengthened by the moon, and Neptune will suppress the potential negativity of Mercury, who is responsible for your problems and fears. As a result, leadership skills will suddenly appear in Pisces, and many situations will be solved in a completely different way than you are used to. This will benefit everyone. You will surprise many, and this will be an advantage because it will give you the opportunity to take advantage of situations and quickly do what you need. Don’t hesitate to use your talents. Look for an alternative career if leadership changes; do not rush to establish yourself, though, as your glory will precede you. If you have your own business, ensure stable control of departments that can’t seem to handle their tasks.


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