Upstairs Girls’ Bathroom Stocked With Hygiene Items

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Upstairs Girls’ Bathroom Stocked With Hygiene Items

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For the past two years, girls in need of some of the comforts from home know where to turn…the upstairs girls’ restroom.

Within a few minutes of surveying females about the restrooms, almost all chimed in with a positive report of the efforts made to make the restroom ‘fancy’ and ‘well-stocked.’

“It’s really nice, actually,” Kylee Coffield, senior, said.

“It’s the best one we have,” Lindsay Wiant, junior, said.

The restroom is stocked with feminine supplies including the normal necessities but also includes perfume, deodorant and Febreeze.

The doors and walls are decorated with stickers and motivational quotes.

Students said they also appreciated that all the stall doors lock properly.

Since 2017, teachers have been bringing in items to help brighten the restroom.  Mrs. Pam Heaster and a legion of upstairs teachers have been contributing to this effort out of their own pockets.

Students said they appreciate the efforts.

“We really appreciate it,” Sarah Nissel, junior, said.

“It smells like a fresh breeze,” Jenna Allman, said.