Horoscopes: January 2019

Horoscopes: January 2019

Lindsay Wiant

Welcome to 2019!


After weeks of soul searching, you’re back in your element. Your ruler Mars is home in Aries and ready to hit the ground running. But first, as you enter January, take the time to focus on the big picture, clarify long-term goals and letting go of those you’ve outgrown.


As you enter the year, you’re reaching a vantage point and milestone n your journey that’s asking you to clarify your noblest long-term goals. Then as the Capricorn new moon and eclipse align, you can make solid progress toward them. 


Life is evolving on a core level, and you’re stepping over a threshold. But you can’t enter the future with your arms full of the past, so don’t be afraid to cut your losses when necessary.


December brought a full moon in your sign, asking you to clarify your needs in relationships. As you enter January, take the time to discern where you need better boundaries and where you need to lower your guard. 


You’ve had to rise above your insecurities over the past year, and you’re ready for a new adventure. But first, as you enter January, take stock of your life and release habits, work, routines, or a lifestyle you’ve outgrown.


As the year begins, life is drawing you out of your comfort zone. Dig past your resistance and be brutally honest with yourself about what you want, not what you think is expected for you. 


As you enter January, you’re focused on mayor of security, home, family, and domestic relationships. Confront the past honestly so it doesn’t cast a shadow on all that is hopeful in the present.


You enter the year on a pensive note. There’s a lot weighing on your mind, perhaps difficult choices, but it needn’t be a painful process. Take the time to clarify goals, and don’t focus on your limitations.


Your ruler Jupiter is in your sign, and you’re on a journey of self-discovery this year. As you enter January, Mars is firing up your house of love, creativity, and inner child, encouraging you to be spontaneous and take what feels like a risk.


As you enter January, you’re coming face to face with difficult realities asking you to confront the past honestly. Keep asking yourself “Who am I?” and answer the question honestly. 


Last year brought huge changes professionally, asking you to expand your horizons and vision. As you enter the new year, dig deeper to become aware of what prevents you from manifesting a dream.


As you enter the year, an old dream is dying, but there are also new doors opening. So what goals, dreams and aspirations do you want to manifest this year, personally and professionally?

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