“Gangsters’ Paradise” Captures First Place in Lip Sync

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“Gangsters’ Paradise” Captures First Place in Lip Sync

Staff Reporters including Gillian Biddle and Sky Nichols

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“It was a huge success,” Mrs. Johana Cogar said following one of what most students are calling the best event of the year.

Cogar’s Event Planning students coordinated the event which featured eight different acts with nearly 20 students.

“I really didn’t think anybody was going to show up, but then most of the school showed up,” Hannah Detamore, event planning student, said.

The winning performance featured Sky Nichols and Katie Jones rapping “Gangsters’ Paradise.” The highlight of their performance of when the curtains opened mid-way to show the choir comprised of Seth Frazier, Kurtis Carson, Chase Freeman, Anna Tucker and Ellie Shiflett.

Most audience members believed it was a close competition until the last seconds which featured Freeman and Carson throwing their robes and doing standing back tucks in unison.

“And, that’s how you lip sync,” summarized Mrs. Sherry Carr’s immediately following their performance.

“It was the best time of my life,” Senior Ellie Shiflett said.

“It was awesome,” Josh Gragg, sophomore, said.

The 45-minute performance was coordinated by Mrs. Johana Cogar’s Event Planning class and was conducted during lunch. Kelsey Snyder served as the hostess of the event.

Nearly 550 students filed into the auditorium until it was nearing capacity.

Acts ranged from Run DMC’s “Tricky” to  John Pardy’s “Dirt on my Boots.”

“It was such breath-taking crowd.  A beautiful experience,” Ricky Osbourn, senior, said.

“It was electric,” Cole Kemper, senior, agreed

The judges were Mr. Doug Beckman, Ms. Sherry Carr and Ms. Cinda Jamison.  They critiqued students in the vain of The Voice and America’s Got Talent.

“I want to give major props to Rachel Hall.  Without her, it would not have happened.” Hall provided a professional-grade light show as well as coordinating the sound.

Teachers said they were impressed with the acts, but also the involvement of the students.  Students clapped, sang and even waved phone lights for each and every act.

Cogar said her students worked diligently on the project.

  • Kelsey Snyder was the event’s hostess.
  • Kylee Good and Cori Gould were house stage managers.
  • Hannah Detamore was in charge of judges and scoring.
  • Peyton Gillespie was assistant stage manager.
  • Katie Jones was responsible for organizing and planning.
  • Hannah Herrod was in charge of curtains.
  • Rachel Hall provided the light show and handled all lighting and sound.

Cogar said her students worked on coordinating the event for about a month.  It was delayed a week due to school being cancelled.

Cogar said based on student interest, there may be another lip sync battle in the spring.

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