Q&A: What’s the Best Christmas Present You’ve Received?

Lindsay Wiant and Sarah Nissel

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Freshmen:  Ryan Dean: “My phone”
Tim Hemline: “My phone”
Hayden Helmick: “Guitar”
David Henline: “$200”







Sophomore: Shawn Hale: “Cowboy boots”
Chiara Posey: “My dad coming home”
Taylor Beam: “Shopkins Calendar”
Hannah Brown: “My car”









Junior: David Cunningham: “Avocado”
Lucy Duncan: “Wii”
Emily Queen: “Soft blanket”
Keyan Daughtery: “My dog”








Senior: Jyllian Potter: “Money”
Taylor Lattea: “Four-Wheeler”
Abby Hall: “My phone”
Jenna Allman: “Kitty Cat”








Staff: Mr. Whiston: “Remington 742 Woodmaster 30-06 Springfield”
Mrs. Lybarger: “Barbie Dream House”
Mr. Simms: “My wife”
Mrs. Gosa: “Joy of my kids”