Faculty Spotlight: Week 2

Markley, Lee and Gosa help our school run smoothly


Photo Courtesy of Lee

LCHS Secretaries (L to R): Amy Gosa, Karalee Lee and Becky Markley.

Chances are if you visited or called LCHS, the first face you see or first voice you hear is none other than one of our school secretaries.

Mrs. Becky Markley, Mrs. Karalee Lee and Mrs. Amy Gosa are on the frontlines of education and deal with the majority of our school family each and every day.

Each of the three secretaries have specified administrative duties ranging from financial records, hot lunch services and counseling services to name a few.

However, their contribution to our school is much more than what can be measured on a job description paper.

They offer smiles.

Kind words.

Motivational speeches.

Organizational skills.

In addition to the jobs they are ‘paid’ to do, our school secretaries do many tasks that are not in their current job description.  They deliver messages, help with lost items, and serve as role models to our students and staff.

In addition to their administrative duties and school services, they are also in charge of more than a dozen office assistants.