Faculty Spotlight: Week 3

LCHS Cooks Serve Meals and More


Photo Courtesy of LCBOE

LCHS Cooks are always there to lend support, smiles, and spirit.

Year in, year out, our LCHS cooks serve up lots more than lunch for our  750 students.

In addition to serving and preparing two lunch choices for both lunch periods, the cooks also cook and serve breakfast to our students in the classrooms at 8:55 a.m. and before school for Tri-County students.

When they serve these meals, there is a lot more than a meal being served.  Our cooks serve kindness, smiles and school support to our students.

They are actively involved in school activities and always support student fund-raising events.

Recently, they initiated the “Share Table” where they individually wrap food items so they can be shared safely among our students.

When the faculty collects for students in need due to family emergencies, our cooks are there to help.

When a team performs well, our cooks are there to show school spirit.

When students fall on hard times, our cooks are there to lift them up with encouraging words and acts of kindness.

When the faculty calls for help and support, our cooks are on the front lines of support.

Photo Courtesy of LCBOE
LCHS Cooks