Q&A: Favorite Summer Memory

Q&A: Favorite Summer Memory

Lindsay Wiant


  • Seryn Sampson: “Going to the lake.”

  • Bre Lovett: “Walking husky.”
  • Dylan Dever: “Flying to Myrtle Beach.”                
  • Maddie Herrod: “Sleeping.”


  • David Johnson- “Going to N.C. for Liverpool vs. Dortmund.”                            
  • Nathan Conrad- “Going to Greenbrier.”
  • Ethan Haught- “Soccer Camp.”
  • Adriana Freshour- “Going to the beach.”


  • Kyle Gannon- “Lake days.”
  • Jacob Herrod- “Becoming friends with Linds.”   
  • Lanie Horner- “Going to Kings Island.”
  • C.J. Hairfield- “Went kayaking for the first time.”  


  • Ayden Wyckoff- “Going to Greenbrier with family for vacation.”       
  • Abby Conrad- “Going to 4-H camps.”
  • Katie Self- “Florida trip.”
  • Ryan Blake- “Going to Myrtle Beach”


  • Mr. Dustin Cogar- “Went to Disney World.”
  • Mr. Josh Irwin- “Going to the beach with my family.”
  • Mrs. Mary Hogan- “Going to the lake with family.”        
  • Ms. Deanna Chennoweth- “Taking my son to Tennessee.”