LCHS Welcomes Three New Staff Memebers

LCHS Welcomes Three New Staff Memebers

Faith Messenger, Staff Reporter/Photographer

Mrs. Jodee Wilt began her career at LCHS as a permanent math teacher at the beginning of the second semester. She isreplacing the vacancy left by Ms. Marino.  Wilt was previously employed at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She taught students who have disabilities with the Learning Center. Prior to working at Wesleyan, she began her career as an accountant.

Wilt enjoys spending time with her family and traveling outside of school. Her favorite food is ice cream, no hesitation. The Blindside is her favorite movie. She is currently living by “one day at a time”.



Mr. Curtis Crabtree began his career at LCHS as the permanent history teacher, after Mrs. Joanna Barnette left. He previously taught  at a middle school in Lucasville, Ohio. Teaching has been in his family, his dad was a teacher and he enjoys educating children.

Crabtree enjoys sports, working out and occasionally playing video games outside of school. His favorite movie is Tommy Boy and favorite book is The View From the O-Line Howard Mudd. He enjoys any country songs and favorite food is steak.




Mr. Jeremiah McCourt began as a substitute teacher at LCHS, he is now a long term sub as an English teacher in place of Ms. Lisa Ellis. He originally worked in the oil field before teaching. He decided to become a teacher because there are many teachers within his family.

McCourt enjoys coaching football, track and wrestling outside of school. His favorite book is Eaters of the Dead; his favorite movie is Young Frankenstein. His life motto is “There’s no reason to live if you can’t dead lift.”