Tennis Teams Hosting ‘Campaigning at the Courts’


Jena Whiston

Weston, WV – LCHS tennis is causing a racquet early in the season, defeating a Panhandle county and dominating girls’ and boys’ doubles action.  On April 11th, the evening the teams take on local Big 10 competitor Bridgeport, the teams will be hosting “Campaigning at the Courts,” an event for spectators to meet local candidates while cheering on our players.

 The team will be providing a dinner of beans and cornbread for attendees.  Candidates are encouraged to bring and share campaign materials.  Everyone is asked to bring their own drinks and lawn chairs.

 “In order to attain better seeding in Regionals, we need to play as many teams in our region as possible.  This is a challenge given the vast area of our region,” Coach Shannon Thomas explained.  “Our hope is that this event will raise enough funds to pay for expenses incurred when traveling to the Panhandle in a couple weeks.”

 Candidates who make a donation will be photographed with the team for publication in local media outlets.

 “Tennis is very different than any of the other sports I’ve played.  It’s a quiet but intense sport that rarely receives attention in our area.  We want to change that,” senior player Riley Gunter said.  “Come out and watch us.  You’ll love it!”