English Students Work on Travel Brochures

Nearly ninety students in English 9 classes are working a cumulative research project to the reading of Homer’s The Odyssey.

Honors students and Developmental English students are working on what teacher Mrs. Lesley White calls an “intense” wrap-up project which utilizes research, intellectual property, MLA writing style, math, geography and lay-out and design.

Students are planning a 20-day dream vacation on fictional budget of $100,000.

Students have to research hotels, restaurants, airfare, entertainment, cab fares and tipping rates in the three travel destinations they choose.  They then summarize their findings into a tri-fold brochure which features the information as well as images.

“It’s better than sitting in class writing,” Joseph Hewitt, freshman, said.

“I’ve enjoyed doing something that I hope to do in the future,” Meghan Pittman, freshman, said.

The research and design portion of the project was part of the third nine-weeks while the actual finished project will go on the fourth nine week grading period.

This project was really, really fun because we got to discover other countries and places.”

— Sierra Lowther