More than 100 Participate in Computer Coding

Hour of Code Initiative


Carrie Davis

More than 25 percent of LCHS students participated in the national initiative, Hour of Code, which introduces students into the world of computer coding.

The program was set up by TIS (Technology Intergration Specialist) Carrie Davis.

Students learned coding basics by establishing parameters for popular video games such as Flappy Bird, Star Wars, Frozen and MineCraft.  Students would build the video game from beginning to end–giving characters abilities, extra lives, and personalities.

Some of the applications allowed students to text their individually-made program to their phone–with regular texting fees applying.

During the week LCHS coded, they were working with hundreds of thousands students throughout the United States and across the world.

Davis incorporated computer training about coding as well as an interest inventory of classes offered at LCHS, both on-campus and virtually.

Most freshmen attended the training through English and science classes.

Upon finishing an hour of training, students earned a certificate.  Davis is in the process of printing certificates for all who completed the initiativeHour of CodeCarrie Davis