What Is Student Council and Who Are They?


Mariah Burkhammer

Student Council at Lewis County High School is making their mark, but some wonder who they are and what they do.

Student Council is a particular group of students who have been chosen or elected by their peers. They are elected to serve the student body, whether that be by addressing concerns or problems that have been brought to their attention or organizing school activities and events.

At LCHS each class has four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

There are also four Student Council officers that are elected to oversee all four classes.

All officers play very important roles in assuring things run smoothly. Students can also join as a member; members partake in organizing and helping accomplish different tasks. 

According to members, Student Council meets at least once a month to discuss projects, ideas, problems and solutions. Student Council is involved in events and activities such as school dances, fundraisers, community service and school welfare.

When decisions are being made members vote on the best actions to take. When student council vote and make their decisions, they need to think about what is best for the student body because they represent them. 

Advisers are also appointed to student council. Advisers’ jobs are to point officers in the right direction and help them make important decisions. Lewis County High School’s student council advisers are Mrs. Johanna Cogar, Ms. Laura Davis and Mrs. Christie Lybarger.  

Each president was asked, “What is something you hope to achieve while in student council?”

“One thing I’d like to do is, I’d like to bring back powder puff football because no other class except for the seniors has been able to experience it and I think it’s something that is really fun and it’s definitely like a core memory for most high schoolers and I’d also like to bring back the lip sync battle,” Student Council President, Jayna Jerden, said.

“One of the biggest events that student council does every year is homecoming week. From setting the theme to planning the parade and dance, student council organizes it all. So, I would probably say 4 successful homecoming weeks would be one of mine and my officers biggest accomplishments. You can’t forget about service projects either, through student council we are able to make a positive impact. Not only in the school but the community,” Senior President, Wyatt Burns, said.

“I would like to help the effort to bring back our school Powder Puff and I also want to be successful in planning this year’s prom. Prom is something fun and exciting and I want to make sure everyone enjoys it,” Junior President, Leah Watson, said.

“A goal I wish to achieve in student council is to make the court yard look pretty and to speak for my peers,” Sophomore President, Brenlea Wilson, said.

Freshman President, Kellen Bruffey, couldn’t be reached for comment.

2022-2023 elected officers: 

  • Student Council President- Jayna Jerden 
  • Student Council Vice-President- Katy Hall 
  • Student Council Secretary- Lily Garton 
  • Student Council Treasurer- Amelia Johnson


  • Senior President- Wyatt Burns 
  • Senior Vice-President- Lille Cayton 
  • Senior Secretary- Kenday Southhall 
  • Senior Treasurer- Haylee Lewis  


  • Junior President- Leah Watson 
  • Junior Vice-President- Shaelin Smith 
  • Junior Secretary- Kira Boyce 
  • Junior Treasurer- Faith Heater 


  • Sophomore President- Brenlea Wilson 
  • Sophomore Vice-President- Courtney Boggs 
  • Sophomore Secretary- Jade Michaletz 
  • Sophomore Treasurer- Taylor Putnam 


  • Freshman President- Kellen Bruffey 
  • Freshman Vice-President- Carder Holden 
  • Freshman Secretary- Daylen Robinson 
  • Freshman Treasurer- Wyatt Call 

2022-2023 Student Council Members: 

  • Katrina Bragg 
  • Sidney Slaughter 
  • Brooke Williams  
  • Mariah Burkhammer 
  • Chloe McCartney 
  • Denae Thorne 
  • Maggie Jordan 
  • Makayla Ferguson 
  • Lizzie Ammons 
  • Jacksen Cogar 
  • Brady Smith 
  • April Sherrard 
  • Landon Buch 
  • Andrew Lybarger 
  • Zane Stewart