School-Wide Video to Film Friday


Courtesy The Blue & Grey

Students make preparations for the annual school-wide lip dub

      The much-anticipated return of the annual HoCo Week Pep Rally/Thuse will be Friday, October 7 in the afternoon. Channel 3 staff members said they want to bottle that energy by making our school-wide video right before entering the gym for the Pep Rally/Thuse.
411 on the video:
  • The staff wants to do this with no edits/breaks
  • The video will be done in two takes–one will be a practice, the other will be hot.
  • If you have props that you can use once, please use them on the SECOND TAKE.
  • Students will stay in place after the first take.
  • On the second take, students will go quickly to the gym.
  • After the cameras go by on the second take, students will quickly proceed to the gym and sit in their assigned sections. Students will get into class positions as the camera crew snakes outside with the drum line for a grand entrance from the parking lot.
    • Seniors-Auditorium side/Cafeteria side to the left of the press box
    • Juniors-Auditorium side/Parking Lot side to the RIGHT of the press box
    • Sophomores-Weightroom side/Cafeteria side
    • Freshmen-Weightroom side/Parking Lot side.
Here is our timeline/route for the event.
  • We are hoping to do this about 25 minutes BEFORE the pep rally/thuse takes place.
  • Upstairs teachers will accompany their students to the downstairs area.
  • Library Hallway teachers will accompany their students to the designated areas.
  • The rest of the teachers will accompany students to the hallway outside their classroom doors–filling in any empty spaces on either side of the hallway.
  • Take One: Practice. Don’t use disposable props on this take. Remain in place. Do not go to the gym.
  • Take Two: Hot Take. Use props and after the camera goes by, please report to the designated places in the gym. Go to the gym.
  • Gym: As the students finish with their hallway shot, they will need to go quickly to the gym.
We will start outside the main entrance. Go inside the building and straight.
Proceed down the cafeteria hallway. Go right at freshman hallway.
Proceed through the freshman hallway into the Spanish/Sped Hallway. Go right.
Proceed to Mrs. Louk/Studio hallway. Go right at Drivers’ Ed/Health
Proceed to the Teacher Lounge/Bathroom hallway. Continue straight.
Go past the blue brick pole through the senior hallway to the band hallway. Go outside.
Turn right and follow the sidewalk to the main outside gym entrance.
Enter the gym to a ROUSING, EXCITED STUDENT BODY, in place for the pep rally/thuse.