Q&A: If You Became The Principal, What Would You Do?


Gage Halterman- “I would change the attendance rules.”

Seven Fisher-“I would change the dress code.”

Kayden Rose- “I’d force them all to be in the band. All the guys over 6’1″ would be trombones and all the guys under 6’1″ would be trumpets. All the females under 5’5″ would be color guard and all the females under 5’5″ would be clarinets. We gotta make Mr. Heath dress in a mandatory fedora and tutu.”

Neveah Gregory- “I honestly would have a dress code, like a uniform.”


Gage Halterman         


James Fay- “Pool party.”

Maddie Kerns- “Everyone have a free day. We’re all stressed, even the teachers.”

Gerik Walsh- “I would cut the football’s fund money and give it to the band. I would also make a boys’ volleyball team.”

Phoebe Queen- “I would let the kids sit in the gym again for lunch, and I would put better vending machines in here.”




Zach Woody- “Tell everybody to stay home.”

Zoe Skinner- “Let the school reign in chaos.”

Levi Murphy- “Allow them to wear hats.”

Brooke Williams- “Give more funds to theatre.”




Brandon Posey- “Kick them out.”

Madison Sickles- “Better food and warmer temperatures.”

Sammy Freeman- “They would come to school only when they’re freshmen and everyone else would be virtual.”

Kirsten Ammons- “Make sure that they’re doing their work. If they’re bad, they get disciplined, and with the good kids do fun stuff with them.”




Mrs. Victoria Stansberry- “I would make every student wear a special belt that held pencils and if you didn’t have your pencils, you’d have to buy them before you got into the school.”

Ms. Samantha Rogers- “I would make a point to meet with a different student every day, just to check in.”

Mrs. Racheal Boone- “Turn back on the drinking fountains. And endless cups.”

Ms. Hanna Breen- “Catered lunch everyday.”