Get To Know The Writer


Emily Lybarger, Reporter

This week, let´s get to know the editor of The Blue and Grey, Makayla Ferguson.

  • Makayla’s birthday is August 8, 2005, and she is in 11th grade.
  • Her friends and family has given her nicknames: Kay, Kayla, and Fergie.
  • Yellow is her favorite color, and she loves sunflowers.
  • Her favorite season is summer, and her favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
  • She enjoys painting, drawing, playing tennis, cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming and photography.
  • Llamas are Makayla’s favorite animal.
  • Her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse and her favorite store is American Eagle.
  • She loves her collection of shoes, and her favorite is her Platform Converse.
  • She enjoys television shows’ “Cobra Kai” and “Maid” and her favorite movie is the live action version, “Cinderella.”
  • “Tell Me Three Things” is Makayla’s favorite book.
  • Her favorite food is Steakhouse Mac n’cheese from Outback and her favorite drink is Mango Pineapple Lemonade from Wendy’s.
  • She enjoys chemistry and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Heaster.
  • Makayla’s dream college is University of North Carolina.
  • She hopes to pursue a career in Pediatrics or Neurology.
  • Her biggest fears include snakes, suffocating and falling.
  • Makayla’s hero is her grandma, Sharon James.
  • If she could travel anywhere, she would visit the Maldives.
  • If she could have any superpower it would be invisibility.
  • Her best friend, Emily Lybarger, sunshine and wildflowers are all things that make her smile.
  • Her pet peeves include people who think they´re above others and people who chew with their mouths open.
  • In five years, Makayla hopes to be studying to pursue her dream career.
  • She chose newspaper to share her creativity through words.