What Happens at PROM Stays at PROM

Makayla Ferguson, Editor

Red, black, and gold. The 2022 Vegas-themed prom is May 7 from 8-11 PM in the Roanoke Building at Stonewall Resort.

Hopes are high as this will be the first “normal” prom since 2019 due to COVID-19. In 2020 prom was not even a thought, yet in 2021 prom-organizers found a way to make it working, hosting it outside on the RLBMS football field.

Many students are excited for the return of the annual event.

All juniors and seniors are eligible to bring a younger or older guest but they must be a freshman up to 20 years of age.

The event is hosted by juniors who started fund-raising pre-pandemic for this event. The prom committee is comprised of juniors and advisers who have been meeting regularly to make the final touches.

Committee members said they started putting decorations together a few weeks ago. They will get decorations in place at the Resort May 5, and put the entire theme together Friday, May 6.

Students said going to the prom is more than just attending the dance.

Many said finding the right clothes to wear was a highlight. Mrs. Sara Linger offered students many chances to shop for free from a large selection of new and gently used formal/semi-formal items for both females and males.

Many students have photo ops before prom at their homes as well as Jackson’s Mill and in front of the Resort. Some opt for dinner the night before, during the afternoon, or just before the event.

Students must purchase their tickets and be registered before the event.